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"This is an incredible opportunity to impact your organization in a real and meaningful way."


High performance is the result of the relentless pursuit of improvement.  We know that successful companies have a “continuous improvement” mindset and are strategic in setting and accomplishing their goals.  No business should remain static and unchanging.  As our legal, political and societal landscape continues to evolve, so must our workplaces.

ImagineHR’s HR Discovery Audit provides companies with an opportunity to take a snapshot of their current employment policies and workplace practices.  It’s a great way to assess the current state against a future desired state and to ensure all policies and practices are aligned with employment best practices.  Throughout the audit process, we will ask “what can we do better to retain top talent, mitigate risk and cultivate a high-performing workplace culture?” 

Our HR Discovery Audit is a comprehensive review of an organization’s HR functions, risks and culture.  It’s a “deep dive” into all things work-related.  It’s also the most valuable investment organizations can make today to ensure they are operating within the confines of recent employment laws and with the most up-to-date policies and “modern day” employment practices in mind. 

Many clients tell us they don’t know what they don’t know.  They want to better understand their legal obligations and how to build a strong culture but they often don’t know where to start.  We can help peel away the layers and help discover ways to make your organization healthy and effective.

If you find yourself asking these questions, then it may be time for an HR Discovery Audit – “Am I doing everything I can to hire the right people? Is there anything else I should include in the onboarding process? What benefits are other companies offering? How do I know I’m handling employee relations issues properly? How do I hold people accountable but also give them the flexibility and autonomy they want? What are key management best practices and employment laws I should be aware of? How to I best motivate and reward my team? Are there tools that can help me streamline my HR processes?

The Discovery Audit is a powerful tool.  It’s a high-level look at compliance issues, administrative effectiveness and overall workplace culture.  Over a two-four week period, we will assess every aspect of the employment life cycle – identifying the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement of all HR processes including hiring, firing and everything in between.  This type of objective analysis provides rare insight into an organization’s deeply embedded beliefs and collective behaviors. 

When a company experiences a “pain point” (i.e. low morale, high turnover or a lawsuit), it’s often a symptom of a deeper problem.  The audit process invariably uncovers the root cause of issues.  Once there is a clear understanding of what is working well (and not-so-well) within an organization, a plan is devised to adjust HR functions and strategies to maximize workforce potential and mitigate employment law risks. 

The end result of the HR Discovery Audit – a detailed “action plan” comprised of thoughtful, tangible and targeted recommendations aligned with workplace culture and compliance best practices.  Today, the organizations gaining a competitive advantage are the ones who take a hard and holistic look at their “organizational health” – let us guide you through the process!

Here’s what you can expect throughout the HR Discovery Audit Process:

  • We will meet with senior leadership to understand their current workplace issues and goals;

  • Interview managers and front-line supervisors to obtain insight into their specific challenges;

  • Conduct an employee opinion survey to gather employee feedback and gauge morale;  

  • Conclude by drafting the HR Audit Report identifying the strengths, weaknesses, compliance gaps and opportunities for increased morale and engagement; and

  • Develop the HR Action Plan, including a timeline, recommended action steps, an HR best practice checklist and how we can continue to assist in the implementation of any changes.

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