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"A culture focused on learning will contribute to a positive and productive workplace and be the key to your success."


Training is the foundation of good business.  Engaging and on-going management training and employee development programs can breed confidence and positivity in your workforce.  The most successful companies invest in training and development because they know it’s necessary to continue to build personal awareness and cohesiveness among their teams. 

As we know, management training is imperative in today’s litigious world.  It is also crucial now more than ever that managers, supervisors and leaders at all levels know how to effectively communicate and coach their teams.  Employees expect their managers to lead by example and to be fair and consistent.  Good managers become great leaders when they invest in personal growth opportunities.

Our management best practices training covers all the fundamentals – leadership and motivation principles, conflict resolution strategies, communication best practices, change management, basic understanding of employment laws and how to handle employee relations issues constructively and proactively.  Having well-trained managers and front-line leaders who can communicate effectively and lead with care and confidence will be a differentiator for organizations and will enable them to attract, secure and develop high-performing talent and quality employees as well as mitigate against risks.

Our employee development programs focus on “soft skill” trainings, which includes interactive workshops and team-building activities.  These training sessions give employees an opportunity to grow and learn and typically have a “bottom line” impact on the success of a company as employees become more skilled in handling the day-to-day issues that may have otherwise derailed positive and productive working relationships.  Soft skill trainings include topics on empathy, accountability, respect, diversity, collaboration, emotional intelligence and conflict management.

At ImagineHR, we have created outstanding training and development programs – all with “best practices” in mind and all based on proven research in the field of adult learning and instructional design.  We have a passion for learning and love to support our clients by supporting their leaders to be successful in their roles.  We also feel strongly about giving employees the opportunity to grow personally and professionally through soft skill training. 

We know the best learning happens when there is an opportunity to interact and when the concepts are relatable to the participants.  We custom design our programs, making sure every person walks away with valuable insight and practical takeaways.  Our expert trainers have years of experience and make every training session enjoyable and worthwhile. 

All our training programs are meant to broaden self-awareness and create new, positive habits – which ultimately lessens the likelihood of conflict and misunderstandings and creates a more collaborative and respectful working environment. 


Examples of our best practices training include:

  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence

  • Effective Communication Strategies

  • New Ideas in Performance Management

  • Managing Workplace Conflict Constructively

  • Starting with Your Mission, Vision and Values

  • How the Best Companies Secure and Retain Talent

  • How to Build and Maintain a Positive and Productive Culture

  • What All Managers Need to Know About Employment Law

  • Respect in the Workplace Training (Diversity and Inclusion)

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