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Consultation services

"Differentiate yourself in a tight labor market by attracting, enabling, and retaining high-performance talent."


Our consultation services provide incredible value to our clients. Employment laws and human resource management have become increasingly complex areas.  We’ve developed expertise and resources in every facet of HR and law to ensure our clients get the guidance they need to protect themselves legally and to continue to maintain a high-morale and high-productivity culture.

Whether it’s a one-off question or an on-going workplace issue causing tensions or disruptions, our HR professionals can assist and guide you through the murky waters of an employee situation either at the moment the issue arises or as long as you need us to help.  No workplace is without their challenges, and there are always nuanced employee issues that present themselves at one point or another.  Workplace conflict is inevitable as well as concerns about how to best manage employees – we can help resolve disputes and answer questions.  We can also assist with handling issues of employee misconduct or sub-par performance that are not always comfortable to confront.

Some questions our clients ask – “Do we have to provide a reasonable accommodation being requested by an employee?  What should we do with an employee who is chronically late and absent?  How can we help our employee understand that performance is not at an acceptable level?”  At ImagineHR, we pride ourselves on being able to solve any employment-related challenge.  We do this with an awareness of the legal implications and best practice considerations – evaluating issues from all angles.  There is no HR or employment law issue we can’t help with or handle!

It’s never easy navigating through the “people issues” in your business.  Most employers today worry they may say or do something that will inadvertently create employment liability.  Company leaders we talk with often ask what other organizations are doing to bolster morale and productivity.  All organizations today recognize they need to adjust and adapt their work environment to meet the needs of a new generation of workers. 

Through our general HR Consultation Services, we help clients create the policies, culture and workplace that feels right for them and also aligned with a balanced, progressive and best practice approach to their human resource management and employee relations operations.  While we’ll help clients “put out fires” and avoid employment law claims, our true passion is to support clients in a more “proactive and preventative” way with the people-side of their business.  Taking on a more proactive (rather than reactive) mindset, will undoubtedly help management and leadership teams feel more confident and peaceful in the way they manage and lead.

The following are examples of what we offer through our HR Consultation Services:

  • Advice and recommendations on dealing with difficult employee situations

  • Review of corrective action and performance improvement documentation

  • Employee mediations and conflict resolution facilitations

  • Employment law advice and analysis


We also provide the following HR services:

  • Job description development

  • Compensation studies and analysis

  • Strategic planning for hiring and on-boarding

  • Creation of interview questions, scripts and candidate evaluation forms

  • Development of performance management and review forms

  • Executive coaching and leadership development

  • Executive recruitment services

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